French Club Chair: the most timeless chair ever!

 History of the French Club Chair:

The first French Club Chairs appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. They were characterized by their straight lines, from the Art Deco Style opposed to the Art Nouveau Style with its clean and flexible lines.  After the Second World War, dozens of shapes appeared.

Some have stood the test of time, such as the “Moustache”, with a lip like curves across the back and the “Gendarme’s Hat“, with an elegant arch like curve, both appeared in the 40’s. My favourite one is the Round Shape, which was the most famous and had become the Club Chair’s most emblematic incarnation.


Stunning Vintage French Club Chair “Moustache”

Contrary to popular belief, this leather Club Chair is French origin.  At first, the Club Chair was called “The Comfortable Chair” to distinguish it from the “Fauteuil de style” which had straighter lines and was less enveloping. While the name “Club Chair” refers to the Gentlemen’s Clubs in the 19th Century in England where gentlemen could escape from their home (and wives) and enjoy cigars, brandy, and conversation about business, politics and sports. The names of the fashionable London streets full of such Clubs are still used to name classics English Club Chairs such as St. James or Piccadilly.

Years later, The Club Sofa appeared, offering more seating space, but also an opportunity to have a comfortable bed. You can find the same shapes as the Club Chairs, like the “Moustache”.

This vintage chair has become the most coveted chair in the world and had inspired many designers, from Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand to Philippe Starck in the 80’s 90’s with the creation of the Bubble Club. It was made of polyethylene moulding, taking the Club Chair from the bourgeois home to the terraces and gardens. So over time, nothing changes fundamentally, everything deforms and is transformed, and the club doesn’t stop instilling new ideas, by these contemporary forms since its origin. Its longevity, modernism and refinement are still very much admired today.


Stunning Bubble Club by Philippe Starck 

How the French Club Chair is made?

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The Scandinavian Design

We owe the Scandinavian design a lot of “Chef d’Oeuvre”, masterpieces of design history; most of them are now vintage furniture pieces. The Scandinavians have created a style, warm and sober, to fit in any interior.  Some produced in high series were quite cheap, and others signed could be really expensive, but you could always find one for yourself.

For the house fitting as well as for the society issues, the North countries had always been beforehand. The proof? Since the 20’s, the Finn architect and designer Alvar Aalto puts into practice the concept of “beauty for all” and tries to offer to the largest number of people some furniture with a design close to nature, appeasing and comfortable. Alvar Aalto is one of the pioneers of the waisted plywood, which offers sinuous forms, used on the famous “Paimio” chair(c. 1929), produced by Artek. Here is an indication to make the difference between the Finn design and its cousin the Danish design: all Danish furniture has more geometrical lines than the Finn one. The wood is a constant of the Scandinavian design, quite as the search for an uncluttered drawing, which makes it timeless and easy to fit in any interior. From where its success!


The most looking for Scandinavian production is the one from 1950 till 1970, is nevertheless far from being uniform. The Danish Arne Jacobsen became a celebrity in 1952 for its famous Ant chair; it is very appreciated for its qualities of resistance and its joyful shape. Since 1955 are following a mass of declensions of it like the 7 series with a changing back. The talented Jacobsen has designed another masterpiece: the Egg Chair,

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I love vintage furniture, but what means “Vintage”?

I’m crazy about vintage furniture!

And I hope I will be able to share with you my passion through this blog.

What is better than sitting in a comfy French Club Chair with signs of wear and tears, which, gives it an original vintage and unique charm?

Having a huge vintage butcher’s block which stand in the middle of your kitchen surrounding by some kitchenalia items, so great!


I could give you lots of examples like that.

You need storage? What about a vintage Danish sideboard or an antiques dentist cabinet or an haberdashery cabinet or…

You want to give your interior a vintage feeling, you can choose decorative items such as… sorry, the list is going to be too long.

So, vintage furniture is really great. But what exactly means “Vintage”?

We can read and hear all the time people talking about “Vintage”.

Did you ever asked yourself what the word “Vintage” does mean?

Is it only for clothes? Is it also for furniture?

Let me tell you about Vintage:

Discover the origin of Vintage

Vintage Chair: The Mullca, the most known French School Chair!

 Vintage Chair: The Mullca, the most known French School Chair!

Robert Muller and Gaston Cavaillon created the company in 1947. At that time the company is one of the rare French company to be able to work with steel and offer affordable prices to its own customers.

Several different types of chairs were manufactured.

  •  “The MULLCA 300”

Jacques Hitier created the Mullca 300 in 1949, it was often said that it was Marcel Gascoin who designed it but not this one, even if he’s also a talented designer. But like we say: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s”.


This is a kid’s chair (until 5 years old), which has a unique design that never had any

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Beautiful Vintage Chesterfield Sofa

Have you ever dreamed of having an amazing unique vintage Chesterfield in your interior?

I have what you need!

It’s not only a great vintage Chesterfield, but also a unique one with its handmade Union Jack decoration.


It has been fully refurbished by my favorite craftsman. The Union Jack flag has been painted by hand, and a lovely patina has been added to give it a vintage charm and more character.

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Vintage Retro Chairs

Bundle of  3 chairs

They were used in the sitting room of a barber shop in south of France. They would be perfect in any traditionnal or comtemporary home and add a touch of vintage feel.

Have a look at our fantastic range of retro chair at La Boutique Vintage.



Vintage French Barber Chairs from the 50’s

Rare to find in this very good condition!

Brand: Figaro

Those are fantastic vintage pieces!


They have a porcelain base with chrome around it. And the seat is in faux-leather. It is a swivel seat.

Width: 63 cm.

Height: 92/102 cm.

Depth: 63 cm.

There are 2 chairs, one with head rest and one without.

They are both absolutely gorgeous!

And you know what?

The Barber Chairs are now in a great Hair Design Shop in London Bridge. You can go to see them at Malishi, and say hello to our new friend Mariko, Konnichiwa!

Find some more vintage barber chairs at La Boutique Vintage.