Fantastic Vintage Industrial Lockers

Those metal industrial furniture are just amazing!

You can find some with only one door, two, three and even four doors. It depends the place you have. But just to let you know, most of time, the ones with one door are quite large, while the others are smaller.

They can be really useful in the house, and in any room. You can have one at the entrance, just to hide all your coats, hats, shoes etc… Or one in your bedroom as a closet, you can put your blankets, duvets or just to tidy some boxes and everything you want. In your child’s bedroom, you can use it as a closet, but also to tidy all your kid’s toys. You can have one in your laundry room, for hiding all detergent etc… and even for your vacuum cleaner and all accessories.


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Let me tell you a few things about a brand that I particularly like: Strafor “Les Forges de Strasbourg”

A little of their history:

The Forges of Strasbourg are the renowned pioneers of French metal desk furniture.

Established in 1919, The Forges of Strasbourg, are at the origin of the manufacturers of skeleton in metal, machine for industry…

It’s in 1926 that the company creates the brand “Strafor” (of the contraction of the name of the company) to market all the desk metallic furniture.

This Strafor furniture will be very fast synonymic of solidity and practicality. It is worked in corrugated iron by stamped what confers it a real solidity.

Stamped in the steel, the first signature appears under the name “Forges de Strasbourg”. Then, in the 20s, with the creation of the Strafor brand, it became an oval plate, obviously placed in the pediment of the furniture, wearing the mention “Strafor, Forges de Strasbourg”.

However, the company will know some economic difficulties in the 50s and will find a revival in 1974 by joining the group Steelcase (US group) through a joint venture.

In 1981, the birth of Steelcase Strafor is officialized (capital 50 % Strafor facom / 50 % Steelcase Inc).

But the year 1999 will mean the definitive end of the legend Strafor, the capital Steelcase Strafor was being bought back in 100 % by Steelcase Inc.

We will never see the Strafor style again, but thanks to recycling we should all be able to get one or more in our life!

Why I really do like them?

Well, they are very strong and very light at the same time, 3 times less heavy than their brothers (German and Scandinavian brands…) at that time! And they are so elegant, so aesthetic, all the locksmithery is in brass, the handles of cloakroom, the buttons of lids… It’s the power of the steel industry associated with the elegance of the French Touch !

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