Industrial Design

In the 19th century, the expansion of towns, the demographic increase and the several technological advances are at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution of 1850, symbolised by the creation of the steam engine.

During the Industrial Revolution the designer doesn’t exist. They must produce more with less time and find out some new technologies.

The function dominate on the shape and all products are build in the aim of profitability and productivity.

The first example of design according some historians, would be the”Bistrot” chair from the Thonet Brothers (Austrian) 1859. It would have been the first item produce in series but designed to be functional and aesthetics.


Then in the US , the Ford T from Henry Ford, was built from 1908 in series (more than 15 millions items in 17 years). It proposes a unique model with different options at an affordable price, thanks to the manufacturing with the Taylorism management.


In 1932, the Anglepoise lightning was created by Georges Carwardine for Herbert Terry & Sons. Nowadays, we can still find some vintage Anglepoise lightning in offices and it is named as Architect Lightning!


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Vintage Retro Chairs

Bundle of  3 chairs

They were used in the sitting room of a barber shop in south of France. They would be perfect in any traditionnal or comtemporary home and add a touch of vintage feel.

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Vintage French Barber Chairs from the 50’s

Rare to find in this very good condition!

Brand: Figaro

Those are fantastic vintage pieces!


They have a porcelain base with chrome around it. And the seat is in faux-leather. It is a swivel seat.

Width: 63 cm.

Height: 92/102 cm.

Depth: 63 cm.

There are 2 chairs, one with head rest and one without.

They are both absolutely gorgeous!

And you know what?

The Barber Chairs are now in a great Hair Design Shop in London Bridge. You can go to see them at Malishi, and say hello to our new friend Mariko, Konnichiwa!

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Vintage Industrial Tallboy Pigeon hole Cabinet

 I love the idea of having a piece of Furniture at home, which was using for an Industry. Two unified opposite world… like the world should be!

This lovely Vintage Industrial Tallboy Pigeon Hole Cabinet is gorgeous. I wish I could keep it in my kitchen or even in my bedroom!


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New arrivals ! Lots of Champagne Moet & Chandon and Mercier !

Fantastic Vintage Moet & Chandon Tea light holders and Card/Menu/Photo Holders from Moet & Chandon and Mercier, with an ice bucket from Moet & Chandon

Stunning vintage items that were produced in the 70’s.

All are coming from a prestigious restaurant in Burgundy, France.

They can look so great on your desk, on your console or even in your kitchen. Perfect as a decoration, the menu holder can be used for menu and also for photo, business cards etc…

Vintage Moet & Chandon Tea Light Holders

The tea lights are metal base with a branded glass shade. Written “Moet & Chandon – Champagne” with the Moet & Chandon bow. And under is written “Courtois”

Dimensions: about 19cm tall, diameter: 10 cm.

So vintage, so shabby chic!

Vintage Moet & Chandon Menu/Card/Photo Holder

The Card/Menu Holders from Moet & Chandon are in metal as well and they are engraved on both sides “Moet & Chandon Fonde en 1743” and the Moet & Chandon bow.

Dimensions: 6 cm x 6,5 cm x 2,5 cm.

As it is a little heavy can also be used as paperweights.

Vintage Mercier Menu/Card/Photo Holder

It is made of metal. It is written “Champagne Mercier – Maison fondee en 1858” with the Mercier bow on it.

Dimensions: heigh: 7,5 cm and diameter: about 5 cm.

They become really hard to find, so don’t hesitate, buy it now!

Fantastic Vintage Aeronautics Industrial Aluminium Cabinet -Art Deco

Fantastic Vintage Aeronautics Industrial Aluminium Cabinet -Art Deco

Very Rare item


This is a stunning post war aluminium cabinet probably designed by PB Cow and Company and manufactured by Hunting Aviation Ltd.

It is completely stripped inside and outside. And also polished outside.

It is overall, in good condition for its age, of course it has signs of wear, little bumps but they are just adding more charm to it.


Height: 126 cm

Depth: 41 cm

Width: 82 cm

A fantastic opportunity to acquire a very hard to find industrial/art deco piece that will add so much character to your space, so don’t miss it!





Industrial Racking System with 40 galvanised boxes

This is a large vintage racking system from an engineering works in North Yorkshire.

It holds 40 galvanised metal boxes.These are stored 2 deep;there is a lip at the back to stop them falling out.

 The boxes do stack very comfortably by themselves up to height of about 9 boxes before mild leaning starts.






Dimensions: It is 36″ height, and 53″ wide and 25″ deep.

A lot of storage for shoes, wellies or books at home or in a shop… with a real industrial look!

This one is sold and I never imagined that the person who bought it was going to use it… in his kitchen! What a wonderful idea! With a wood top, I’m sure it’s going to look gorgeous!

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That’s it! Our vintage industrial architect drafting table is finished!

Are you looking for a great piece of Industrial Furniture to add a Vintage Character to your interior?

I’ve got what you need!

I’m pleased to present you today this beautiful vintage/industrial drafting table manufactured in the 1950’s by the hydraulics expert Nike of Eskilstuna from Sweden. Nike is one of the leading companies when it comes to high pressure hydraulics.  They started in the late 1920’s in Sweden and have subsidiaries in England and the USA.



I’ve found this treasure in the heart of London. It was owned by a very friendly artist. See how it looked before its restoration, it’s amazing!

industrial vintage drafting table by Nike of Eskilstuna Sweden manufactured in 1950


It still has its original number stamp on the table: B208203, also its brand stamp with number 12397 on it, and its original number stamp on the base: B100292.

The base is made from cast iron and metal with an aluminum foot with a 360 degrees swivel function. The hydraulic foot pedal system is very smooth and silent. It was polished to give it a wonderful industrial appearance.

The table was refurbished and painted with some wood dye and then lacquered.

The angle of the table is fully adjustable from horizontal to almost vertical.

Dimensions: Base: 60 cm diameter – 1 feet and 11,62 inches

Top: 91 cm x 151 cm – 2 feet and 11,88 inches x 4 feet and 11,45 inches.

Height: 81 cm – 2 feet and 7,88 inches

It comes with a vintage Kuhlmann table machine arm and its original gutter to hold pencils, and there is still a clear paper roll.

Add an authentic vintage industrial look in your interior. It would be perfect used as a desk in your living room, bedroom or in an office even in a shop. It is a massive item, which can really impress everybody!

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And this evening: RONEO !

It began in England, in London more exactly in 1900! With the creation of the Company of the Neostyle.

But it’s in 1907 the Roneo Company is created. First the company distributes some duplicating machines. Then it began to make some wood furniture and later some metal ones.

The Roneo office desks are completely made according to the American methods and plans, by Parisian cabinetmakers who know how to give to their work a unique design, is the slogan at that time.

They don’t make only desks, at first “The Roneo Company” is making bookcases, files, tables, chairs and armchairs, study… everything, in oak, mahogany, walnut with bronze and marquetry.

After 20 years, the company settles down in “Les Lilas” (in the suburb of Paris), a model factory, gone nowadays. Gradually, the wood gives in to place to the metal and new references are added to the catalog: fixed seats and typist, files, desks, tables and cupboards, safes, lockers for offices and factories.

In 1958, the brand is The reference in all French administration, everybody provides himself there: Renault, EDF… It’s the euphoria. So, a new production unit settles down in Noyon, employing up to 4 000 persons.

It is in 1970 that, Yvette Dupuis, the entrepreneur’s daughter, sold the company to an English group: Vickers. Then, began a new adventure.

And in 2009, the French Company Majencia, at present leader in all desk furniture, takes the brand back.

You can find a lot of Roneo lockers made in Noyon, but those made in “Les Lilas” are rare. To recognize them, easy, it’s written, have a look at those pictures.