And this evening: RONEO !

It began in England, in London more exactly in 1900! With the creation of the Company of the Neostyle.

But it’s in 1907 the Roneo Company is created. First the company distributes some duplicating machines. Then it began to make some wood furniture and later some metal ones.

The Roneo office desks are completely made according to the American methods and plans, by Parisian cabinetmakers who know how to give to their work a unique design, is the slogan at that time.

They don’t make only desks, at first “The Roneo Company” is making bookcases, files, tables, chairs and armchairs, study… everything, in oak, mahogany, walnut with bronze and marquetry.

After 20 years, the company settles down in “Les Lilas” (in the suburb of Paris), a model factory, gone nowadays. Gradually, the wood gives in to place to the metal and new references are added to the catalog: fixed seats and typist, files, desks, tables and cupboards, safes, lockers for offices and factories.

In 1958, the brand is The reference in all French administration, everybody provides himself there: Renault, EDF… It’s the euphoria. So, a new production unit settles down in Noyon, employing up to 4 000 persons.

It is in 1970 that, Yvette Dupuis, the entrepreneur’s daughter, sold the company to an English group: Vickers. Then, began a new adventure.

And in 2009, the French Company Majencia, at present leader in all desk furniture, takes the brand back.

You can find a lot of Roneo lockers made in Noyon, but those made in “Les Lilas” are rare. To recognize them, easy, it’s written, have a look at those pictures.