Vintage Enamel Kitchenware, perfect for your decoration!

In the middle of the 19th century, a new material appeared and revolutionized the world of kitchenware. Cheaper and stronger than ceramic, healthier than copper and heatproof, the enamel, created in 1785, became essential.

Its only defect is that it’s absolutely not shockproof! It won’t bother it to make a great career for an all century!


Lovely vintage enamel jug

The first ambition from the manufacturers was to compete the ceramic, then, their aim was to enter in every home. The firsts sets in enamel, luxurious items with ornaments inspired from precious China sets with delicate flowers patterns.

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Beautiful Kitchenalia for a perfect Vintage Decoration!

Why Kitchenalia ?

Well, all vintage pieces of cooking equipment and other items you can find in a kitchen are called Kitchenalia: aluminium bowls, demijohns, scales, sieves, strainers, tableware, rattan baskets, mugs, teapots, serving trays, grinders, dishes, egg cups, storage jars… You can find some real treasures that reminds you some “souvenirs” with your grandma, grandpa…

vintage kitchenalia aluminium bowl


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New arrivals ! Lots of Champagne Moet & Chandon and Mercier !

Fantastic Vintage Moet & Chandon Tea light holders and Card/Menu/Photo Holders from Moet & Chandon and Mercier, with an ice bucket from Moet & Chandon

Stunning vintage items that were produced in the 70’s.

All are coming from a prestigious restaurant in Burgundy, France.

They can look so great on your desk, on your console or even in your kitchen. Perfect as a decoration, the menu holder can be used for menu and also for photo, business cards etc…

Vintage Moet & Chandon Tea Light Holders

The tea lights are metal base with a branded glass shade. Written “Moet & Chandon – Champagne” with the Moet & Chandon bow. And under is written “Courtois”

Dimensions: about 19cm tall, diameter: 10 cm.

So vintage, so shabby chic!

Vintage Moet & Chandon Menu/Card/Photo Holder

The Card/Menu Holders from Moet & Chandon are in metal as well and they are engraved on both sides “Moet & Chandon Fonde en 1743” and the Moet & Chandon bow.

Dimensions: 6 cm x 6,5 cm x 2,5 cm.

As it is a little heavy can also be used as paperweights.

Vintage Mercier Menu/Card/Photo Holder

It is made of metal. It is written “Champagne Mercier – Maison fondee en 1858” with the Mercier bow on it.

Dimensions: heigh: 7,5 cm and diameter: about 5 cm.

They become really hard to find, so don’t hesitate, buy it now!