Vintage Christmas with Demijohns

How can we use our Vintage Demijohns for Christmas?

They are beautiful on their own, but for the Christmas Season they can be really stunning!

Why not adding some Christmas lights garlands in them like those one:

vintage christmas decoration demijohns dame jeanne

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Vintage Christmas Table Decorations

You have a beautiful Vintage Christmas Tree, now get dressed the table!

Hiding in a cupboard, you probably have lots of vintage crockery, it’s time to take them out and use them as display with branches, cone pines, red berries branches or holly and poinsettia garlands. Of course you can use lots of other different vintage items, such as kitchenalia items: have a look at those vintage moulds and see what you can do with them!


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Vintage Christmas Tree Lights: what can we find? And where?

The best way to add a real Vintage look to your Christmas tree is to find a Vintage Light!

It is from 1880 that we start to see the first electric bulbs in the United States.

vintage christmas lights santa

One of the most famous brand for Christmas Lights since that time was probably Noma’s company.

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How to choose and decorate your Vintage Christmas Tree?

I would like to give you a few tips to decorate your Vintage Christmas Tree:

-       The star on the top which reminds for the Christians The star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Kings towards the place of birth of the child Jesus, that we celebrate the 25th of December, the star is sometimes replace by a point or an angel tree topper… The tradition says that it’s the youngest child of the family who install the star on the top of the tree (last thing to put to your tree).

-        The garlands: simple or with lights, white or colorful, you have to put them first on your Christmas tree. You can also find variable material such as ribbons, garland of pearls or diverse objects.

-       The baubles: sparkling with different colors, some clear of glass, of plastic, all baubles make a wonderful look to your Christmas, and why not trying to find those Vintage ones so beautiful.


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How to create a magic Vintage Christmas this year?

How to create a magic Vintage Christmas this year?

The end of the year is coming with the Festive Season. One of my favourite!

I would like to talk about Christmas. How to create a Vintage Christmas this year in and outside your home.

At first, we can start by the story of the Christmas tree, how to choose your Christmas tree and how to decorate it, with the 15 best Vintage Christmas tree!

Then, its lights, remember about all those vintage ones. just as a “souvenir” I will show you the 10 most amazing vintage lights.

Don’t forget your Christmas table decoration, with lovely centerpieces. I will tell you everything you need to have an authentic Vintage look. You will find the 10 best Vintage table decoration.

What would be Christmas without presents? Let’s wrap them with a complete Vintage look. You will be amazed by what we can use to make them Vintage…

It’s getting cold, but don’t forget to add a Vintage Christmas look even outside to welcome your family and friends.

I will also talk about the Nativity Scene and its own story without forgetting the “Santons”, famous French nativity characters. And because I’m French, I can’t avoid talking about the French Christmas Market in Alsace, called “Marches de Noel” which are now worldwide known.

As a card lover, I will show you dozens of Vintage cards and Christmas commercials that will remember you some “souvenirs” I’m pretty sure!

So stay with me until Christmas, you won’t be disappointed!

Have a fantastic Magic Vintage Christmas!

vintage decoration christmas tree

Let’s start with the Story of the Christmas Tree:

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