Vintage Industrial Lighting: My top 10 favourite

Are you looking for the perfect Industrial Lamp?

Industrial lighting is really trendy and will give the perfect final touch to your decoration project. If you struggle to find the right one for your interior, have a look and be inspired by my Top 10 Favourite Industrial Lights.

  • Jielde Lamp

Of course I love it, maybe because I’m French and she is too, but also because I love the way you can personalize it as much as you want. You can have 1, 2, 3 until 6 arms, you can choose their colours, and you can put it everywhere in your home, it will fit perfectly! Besides the design is really perfect, even if it was built for industries. The lampshade with its circular ring is great once it is on, you can orientate the light as much as you want and you won’t be burn! Not a surprise to be a French iconic light!


Vintage Industrial Jielde Wall Lamps

jielde lamp vintage | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage Industrial Jielde Floor Lamp

  • Anglepoise Lamp

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The Jielde Lamp: An Icon of Industrial Lighting

Are you looking for the perfect Vintage Industrial Light?

My favorite one, beyond any doubt, is the Jielde lamp.

Let me tell you why!

Lightning is essential to create mood and ambience in every room. The Jieldé is the solution to add an instant industrial style update, a touch of urban-chic to your home.

What a wonderful industrial lamp, unique in the world, designed with the ability to twist and turn at the joints without conflict to the wiring, that we can settle and unsettle by ourselves, grow longer, grow shorter, which articulates in all direction, which laughs at vibration, which can revolve indefinitely and absolutely waterproof. It is “indestructible” and is made to last a lifetime. It is not only beautiful, it is highly practical. You can choose it wall mounted, table lamp, floor lamp, pendant light, single or double. With the Jieldé, you can light every room in your home.


Jielde History:


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A British iconic industrial lamp: the Anglepoise lamp!

The Anglepoise lamp is an amazing Industrial lamp which was commercialised by Herbert Terry & Sons Company for more than 80 years.

The Anglepoise History:

The British industrialist George Cawardine (1887-1948), who designed vehicle suspension systems, invented an extendible spring in 1932 and came up with the idea of using it for jointed lamp. Inspired by the movements of the human arm, this lamp was mounted on to tubes on which four of the famous springs allowed it to hold its position. The first version of the Anglepoise lamp was issued in 1934.

From 1955 onwards, Anglepoise lamps were installed on workbenches of the workshops at the “Maison Hermès”, their ergonomics responded perfectly to the requirements of this world in which accuracy and the quality of each movement were essential.

The Anglepoise lamp “Original 1227”

This lamp was first presented on an enamel base, 3 stalks maintained in position by 4 springs. The lampshade is in aluminium. First change in 1935: only 3 springs and the base has 3 different levels. Three years later the base again is reduced to 2 levels. The after war lamps are easy to recognize because of the stalks made in aluminium, and the heads in zinc. Then in 1969, the base became round.

vintage decoration anglepoise lamp

In 2004 with the help of the designer Kenneth Grange, the company had launched the “75 Type” and in 2007, the “1228 Type”.

Few dates:

  • 1932: creation of Anglepoise by George Cawardine
  • 1932-1933: hand made production “Equipoising”
  • 1934: creation “Anglepoise 1209” for industrial use


  • 1935: “Anglepoise 1227”


  • 1969: “Anglepoise Model 50” substitute to the “1227”
  • 1989: “Apex 90” a better version of the “Model 50”


  • 2003: “Type 3”, contemporary version of the “1227”
  • 2004: “Type 75”, new version of the “Model 75” and “Giant 1227”, the “1227” XXL version with suspension



  • 2007: “Fifty” the original to “50 degrees”
  • 2009:  Republication of the “Original 1227”


The Anglepoise Nowadays

Nowadays the Industrial Lamp Anglepoise is still manufactured, few miles from Brighton (the “Giant” only) by the 6th generation of Herbert Terry & Sons Company who was first to manufacture it. The rest of the 40 000 to 50 000 items produced each year are manufactured in Asia.

You can buy a brand new one or hunt for a Vintage one!

All about the Anglepoise:

Gras lamp: A special vintage Industrial Lamp

What a fantastic and innovative lamp designed by Bernard-Albin Gras!

As its sister the Jielde lamp, the Gras Vintage Industrial Lamp takes a special place in the world of lightning history. Manufactured in 1922, it inaugurates a new kind of articulate lightning that corresponds to the Industrial need as well as the tertiary sector rapidly expanding. There are neither screws nor welded joints in the basic form. This is the lamp for industries and also for engineering firms, laboratories etc… up to the Normandie liner’s office. This lamp was used to light architect’ tables and artists’ studios as well as machine tools.


On the 13th of October 1921, Bernard-Albin Gras applies for the patent Number 531 001 for an Industrial Lamp. He was one of the most innovative designer of the 20th century. The functional esthetic of his lamps and especially the design of details such as those of the articulated brackets, supports and bases were truly original and far ahead of his time.

The next year, the lamp is manufactured by Maurice Bruneteau from Sainte-Suzanne, then it is Louis-Didier des Gachons who gets the production of the lamp in his company “L’Industrie du Tourniquet et du Classeur” (Revolving Rack and Cabinet Manufacturer). They both create a range with 23 models of the lamp for everybody in industries, offices and every working situation.

Finally, the lamp signed “Lampe ajustable” “GRAS” stamped “S.G.D.G.” is manufactured in 3 finishes: chrome, nickel and black enamel. Since it was first produced in the 1920s it has had an exemplary career without even the slightest modification in half a century, a record!


How she did became a legend?

At first it was Le Corbusier who was seduced by the modern design and user friendliness of the lamps and introduced it in his own offices, as well as employing it in numerous architectural projects all over the world. He was saying that it was a “tool-object” and he became one of the most enthusiastic supporters. Other people followed this trend as well, like Robert Mallet-Stevens, Eileen Gray, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, Michel Roux-Spitz, some famous painters: Georges Braque and Sonia Delauney and so many others…


From june 1927 Louis-Didier des Gachons joins Jean-Ravel and in 1932, the Gras Lamp took the name: RAVEL lamp. This new lamp will be manufactured until 1970.

Today the lamp Gras has become a collector’s item all over the world, most notably in France, in the United States and in Japan. Bernard-Albin Gras’s talented and visionary design has proven to be timeless.

His lamp became an icon of the 20th century!

How to know the exact date of manufacture:

  • 1921: the electric cord is completely out of the lamp
  • 1922: the flat connecting rod is replaced by a hollow connecting rod to get the electric cord isolated, the stamp “Lampe ajustable GRAS” brevetee S.G.D.G.”
  • 1927: stamped with “Ravel”
  • 1930: stamped “Lampe ajustable D.G.R.”
  • 1932: stamped “Lampe R.A.V.E.L. Clamart”
  • 1960’s: green or grey colors
  • 1970: composite wooden kneecap (permaly).
  • 2008: Philippe Cazer and Frederic Winkler formed the DCW Company and reissued the Gras lamp.

The Gras Nowadays:

Since 2008, Philippe Cazer and Frederic Winkler formed the DCW Company and reissued the Gras lamp. The Gras lamp is reissued within 35 models in total and 2 special Gras furniture! Thus, the Gras lamp fits perfectly in every corner of your home or office!


I personally find that the original vintage ones have so much character, let’s hunt them for antiques!

Discover all about its sister the Jielde lamp or check out all my Top 10 Favourite Industrial lamp!

More information about the Gras lamp: