La Boutique Vintage La Boutique Vintage is devoted to sell vintage, retro and industrial furniture. We also aim to give you some vintage decorative items or top quality handmade ones. Sat, 30 Jan 2016 15:37:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Discover the latest Vintage trend : The Vintage School Map Wed, 04 Nov 2015 12:36:09 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> Vintage maps, used as decoration, can be very attractive in any interior. They become a focal point in any room. The oldest ones are the most interesting as the names of the countries and some borders may have changed since then! They are very rare, often unique so by the way really valuable in any collection.

Most of the time people put them in a bedroom, but you can also fit them in any living room, dining room or hallway.

Be inspired by our picks and let me know which one is your favorite?

This one is a school map about Europe from Bacon’s Standard. The 2 sticks on the top and bottom make it goes straight and stay finally in good condition. The size is probably not so big but disposed on the top of a vintage suitcase it definitely gives a true vintage feeling.


This one about The Balkans is from “Librairie Armand Colin”, a French company. The wooden frame is perfect for the conservation of the map and add more character to it.


That one looks like Australia map. It really fits well between these 2 doors locker and the Industrial Drawer Cabinet.The Industrial Shelf, the vintage boxes and the pendant lights give a perfect Industrial Chic Style.


The United States of America Vintage Map is hang on the wall by those old rails our teachers were using to place them in the center of the room. Add a vintage globe for a perfect finish of your kid’s bedroom decoration. Some wonderful traveling dreams to come!


The map on the left is a very old one, probably North America, huge size and in good condition. Perfect on the top of the cupboard or on any console. The other one looks more recent and is probably Italy with Sardinia Island. It’s gorgeous with a Vintage Chesterfield and some old clocks. Perfect for an office or a living room.


A huge and very old map of the World. Perfect to give a true vintage feeling in any room. I would put it in a hallway, what an entrance that would be! I particularly love the awesome row of Vintage cinema seats, just perfect!


This huge planisphere fits very well on this black brick wall. It gives so much character to the room. It would fit in any office and give you some help in case your have some geographic memory problems

school-map-la-boutique-vintage2 This map of Antarctica looks great in this kid’s bedroom. It brings some color on the white wall. Your child might become an adventurer later, who knows?


Who wouldn’t dream travel with such a huge map in front of his eyes? Lovely setting with some Industrial Chairs and desk. Perfect for a home office or for a student room.


I don’t know which one I prefer, the vintage school desk with the gorgeous chairs or the Vintage school map. For sure, the green color of the map match perfectly with the white wall and the brown desk.


If you want to play with colors, those following two are just great! The red color is dominant on the first one so they add some red retro benches and a retro white table. Have you seen the bunny?


On that one, the green color is dominant so they found a vintage green trunk to match perfectly! Brilliant idea to follow if you find some maps with bright colors. You can even make them match with chairs or just accessories on your console or table. Let’s give it a try? First find the map!

vintage-map-la-boutique-vintageWho said the map needs to be on its own? As you see,It fit perfectly with other frames, photos and pictures.

vintage-map-la-boutique-vintageDon’t hesitate to visit my Pinterest Board to discover some other great Vintage School Maps!

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French Club Chair: the most timeless chair ever! Thu, 13 Nov 2014 12:30:54 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]>  History of the French Club Chair:

The first French Club Chairs appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. They were characterized by their straight lines, from the Art Deco Style opposed to the Art Nouveau Style with its clean and flexible lines.  After the Second World War, dozens of shapes appeared.

Some have stood the test of time, such as the “Moustache”, with a lip like curves across the back and the “Gendarme’s Hat“, with an elegant arch like curve, both appeared in the 40’s. My favourite one is the Round Shape, which was the most famous and had become the Club Chair’s most emblematic incarnation.


Stunning Vintage French Club Chair “Moustache”

Contrary to popular belief, this leather Club Chair is French origin.  At first, the Club Chair was called “The Comfortable Chair” to distinguish it from the “Fauteuil de style” which had straighter lines and was less enveloping. While the name “Club Chair” refers to the Gentlemen’s Clubs in the 19th Century in England where gentlemen could escape from their home (and wives) and enjoy cigars, brandy, and conversation about business, politics and sports. The names of the fashionable London streets full of such Clubs are still used to name classics English Club Chairs such as St. James or Piccadilly.

Years later, The Club Sofa appeared, offering more seating space, but also an opportunity to have a comfortable bed. You can find the same shapes as the Club Chairs, like the “Moustache”.

This vintage chair has become the most coveted chair in the world and had inspired many designers, from Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand to Philippe Starck in the 80’s 90’s with the creation of the Bubble Club. It was made of polyethylene moulding, taking the Club Chair from the bourgeois home to the terraces and gardens. So over time, nothing changes fundamentally, everything deforms and is transformed, and the club doesn’t stop instilling new ideas, by these contemporary forms since its origin. Its longevity, modernism and refinement are still very much admired today.


Stunning Bubble Club by Philippe Starck 

How the French Club Chair is made?

Only noble materials are used in the design of the Club Chair. The leather used is the sheepskin called the “Basane” in French, a very high quality of lambskin leather.

Design, carpentry, fellmongery, upholstery and coloring are the main crafts involved in the manufacture of a Club Chair. Each chair is a product of all this combined expertise. The appearance of the Club Chair was possible thanks to the application of a new padding technique, using double conical springs not only in the seat cushion but also in the backrest and the armrests. Coir filling supplemented the suppleness of these springs.

The covering is made of vegetable-tanned sheep’s leather. Some marks and defects in the skin are visible through the dye, making each chair unique. Furthermore, the incredibly fine grain gives the armchair a unique patina over time. French leather was renowned for its quality from the 19th Century.

Between six and eight skins of approximately 0.8 square meters (8.6 sq ft) each are required to cover an armchair. They are applied wet, stretched as tightly as possible, and contract as they dry. They will last around 40 years and after that time, you will have a fantastic patina for more decades to come!


Fantastics French Club Chairs “Chapeau de Gendarme” 


The techniques have changed, covering have evolved as Industrial Techniques have developed, and have included mercerised cotton, velvet, calfskin and, most recently bycast leather. However, sheep’s leather is still considered the authentic material for the chairs. The industries progress led to the replacement of the padding method with no-sag springs or elastic webbing, together with synthetic foam.

Why choosing a Vintage Club Chair?

There are so many reasons!

  • It gives so much character, a great sense of charm, luxury and elegance to any interior.
  • It is timeless, a classic that would be appreciated for all generations.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • It gives an instant sense of history to any room it inhabits.
  • It is trendy, always was, is and always be.
  • It has the ability to fit in with so many different styles from rustic to contemporary, industrial, retro, vintage, shabby chic and so on.
  • It has an incredible soft leather.


My favorite! The French Club Chair “Round Shape”

How to take care of your vintage French club chair?

It is important to know that heat and sun are factors that may lead your Club Chair to dry. So you need to nourish the leather from time to time with some linseed oil with white vinegar to bring back its suppleness and its shine. If you need to make some refurbishment, always ask for a professional. The work has to be done by hand, the way they were originally built with artistry and passion.

You can consider to acquire a Club Chair, you will acquire not only a gem, you will get a unique piece of art and history that will become one day an Antique, in fact a real investment!

Where can you find some?

To antique dealers, vintage shops and of course at La boutique Vintage!

We will always offer you a wide range of Authentic Club Chairs with striking lines, perfect proportions, and a stunning patina on original full panels of leather.

And you what is your favorite one?

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Vintage Industrial Lighting: My top 10 favourite Mon, 03 Nov 2014 11:07:27 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> Are you looking for the perfect Industrial Lamp?

Industrial lighting is really trendy and will give the perfect final touch to your decoration project. If you struggle to find the right one for your interior, have a look and be inspired by my Top 10 Favourite Industrial Lights.

  • Jielde Lamp

Of course I love it, maybe because I’m French and she is too, but also because I love the way you can personalize it as much as you want. You can have 1, 2, 3 until 6 arms, you can choose their colours, and you can put it everywhere in your home, it will fit perfectly! Besides the design is really perfect, even if it was built for industries. The lampshade with its circular ring is great once it is on, you can orientate the light as much as you want and you won’t be burn! Not a surprise to be a French iconic light!


Vintage Industrial Jielde Wall Lamps

jielde lamp vintage | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage Industrial Jielde Floor Lamp

  • Anglepoise Lamp

The Anglepoise lamp is just a beautiful vintage lamp , an icon of English design. The design was made on the principle of the human movements. It’s all the time on balance. The springs are really important for its stability. So, for the vintage ones it is best to try to keep all the original parts. My favourite one is the Hermes model, when its base is dressed with leather. It really becomes an incredible piece!

The shape of the lampshade is also really cute, just enough big to concentrate the light on a focus point. I also love the stamp of the brand “Made In England by Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd Redditch”.


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp – Hermes Model


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp – Hermes Leather Base


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp – Herbert Terry & Sons

  • Gras Lamp

The Models 205, 206 and 207 are so fantastic! They have an amazing ergonomics with triangular based pyramid which is absolutely gorgeous! Especially when it has wood, so nice!  I love the simplicity of the design, just a remarkable architect lamp by Mister Bernard-Albin Gras!


Vintage Gras lamp with wooden base


Vintage Gras lamp

  • R.G. Levallois Lamp

This Industrial lamp was built to use in garages in the 30’s 40’s, it is so great with its seven bulbs (that were heating the cars’bodies), and can be indeed very bright and perfect in a living room, dining room or a kitchen. Its size is really huge, the base on wheels makes it easy to move everywhere. It gives so much character to any interior.


Vintage R.G. Levallois Lamp

rg levallois lamp | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage R.G. Levallois Lamp Base

  • Singer Lamp

What a fantastic little vintage lamp made with Bakelite. The giant Singer was selling the sewing machine but not only that! He was selling the stool, the table and the lamp! The brand name is written on the Bakelite lampshade and at least one of the part is marked with the name “Simanco U.S.A” with a serie number. The design is simple but so lovely. I love this lamp on a bedside table, a console or on a desk. Just beautiful!


Vintage Singer Lamp

singer bakelite lamp | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage Singer Bakelite Lamp Shade

  • Dugdill Lamp

This lamp with adjustable arms (number of 2) made from steel tubing, has a style that is pure and clean. It is mounted on a cast-iron base, it is working with pivots both vertically and horizontally thanks to its daisy head adjusting nuts. What I like the most is the scallop-shaped shade. It swivels in order to direct the beam of light. And the name Dudgill is stamped on the base. It is absolutely stunning!

dugdill lamp | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage Dugdill lamp

  • Sanfill Lamp

This one is not the most known but has a great ergonomic, it is between the Gras lamp and the Jielde lamp. It could be mounted on a clamp or on a base. Made from nickel-plated steel, its switch is located on the top of the shade, just lovely! The shade is made from aluminium. And it has a plate riveted on to the joint, bears the inscription “SANFIL J.L. Paris”. Such a very collectable lamp!


Vintage Sanfil lamp


Vintage Sanfil Lamp Paris

  • Cremer Projectors

Those projectors are symbolic! They have been working to light so many artists, dancers and so on in France. But they make you think about those Barwell & McAlister projectors from the Hollywood Studios and all Celebrities they light during the 50’s.

Moreover, they have a special design with the brand embossed and the name “Paris” written on them make them very desirable. When they are on a tripod, they can fit in every room of your home and looks absolutely fabulous!


Vintage Cremer Projector


Vintage Cremer Projector


Vintage Cremer Projector

  • Pirouett Lamp

The French Art Deco most known table lamp! This lamp is easily identifiable with its lampshade with multi-faceted.  Those were made in glass and were from different colours and sometimes with different patterns such as clouds. The base can be round or with an Art Deco style. It was a luxury lamp and is still for me, so uncommon and looks so great on a desk, or in your hallway on a console, just fantastic!

pirouett lamp | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage Pirouett Lamp – Clouds

pirouett lamp leg | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage Pirouett Lamp – Art Deco Leg

pirouett lamp join | La Boutique Vintage

Vintage Pirouett Lamp

  • Lumina Lamp

This industrial lamp was the lamp of the textiles industry in France during the 60′s. It was set up beside the sewing machine (just like the singer!) to direct light on to the needle, it responded so well to the demands of lingerie (yes! like Dim and even Lejaby!) and clothing manufacturers. Just knowing that makes it desirable! Otherwise I just love its design with its long steel legs and the curves of its shade. You can place it everywhere!


Vintage Lumina lamp


Vintage Lumina Lamp Shade

Need more inspiration? Have a look at my Pinterest board: Vintage Industrial Lighting. Don’t hesitate to visit La Boutique Vintage.

Discover more information about the amzing Industrial Icon Jielde lamp or more about the Le Corbusier’s favourite: the Gras lamp.

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The Jielde Lamp: An Icon of Industrial Lighting Thu, 09 Oct 2014 10:59:07 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> Are you looking for the perfect Vintage Industrial Light?

My favorite one, beyond any doubt, is the Jielde lamp.

Let me tell you why!

Lightning is essential to create mood and ambience in every room. The Jieldé is the solution to add an instant industrial style update, a touch of urban-chic to your home.

What a wonderful industrial lamp, unique in the world, designed with the ability to twist and turn at the joints without conflict to the wiring, that we can settle and unsettle by ourselves, grow longer, grow shorter, which articulates in all direction, which laughs at vibration, which can revolve indefinitely and absolutely waterproof. It is “indestructible” and is made to last a lifetime. It is not only beautiful, it is highly practical. You can choose it wall mounted, table lamp, floor lamp, pendant light, single or double. With the Jieldé, you can light every room in your home.


Jielde History:


By the end of the 40s, tired of not finding a lamp adapted to his activity of mechanics, the engineer Jean-Louis Domecq, draws one. His daughter Marie-Francoise said that he was always with a pencil in his hand and was working hard, just sleeping three hours per night. He was running all day long. After some trials, the definitive drawing is fixed in April 1950. It perfectly corresponds to the fixed specifications: simple, strong and articulated to adapt itself to all workstations. No more wires! The first specimens were sold to his best friends. They all wanted it!

Because of this brilliant invention, he will spend the years 1951 and 1952 to industrialize the production.

In 1953, he created a company dedicated to the marketing of its lamp, whose initials (pronounced in French) will form the name: JLD / Ji eL Dé.

Since that date, this lamp called “The Standard” by all aficionados, has never stopped being produced and will evolve according to the standards and will adapt sometimes itself to the needs of some specific applications. The success of his lamp didn’t change Jean-louis Domecq at all. He wasn’t conceited. He just settle down in Lyon (3rd Arrondissement) and sold his lamp as spare parts like Meccano toys, by continuing to work on others models very specifics.

In 1970, he had created the “LAC”, now “LAK” and also some sophisticated ones like the hairdresser light, the dentist light, the chiropodist or the waterproof one for working stations in hot and humid areas.

Jean-Louis Domecq will have designed about forty lamps.

The “Standard” is not only a lamp it is a personalised solution! You are not buying a finished product, you’re buying a flexible concept. Each buyer has to choose his spares and build his own lamp.

The colours “Vespa” green (between Russian Green and Laurel Green I would say) and grey were both very popular at that time.


Jean Louis Domecq died in 1983, he will thus not see, in the 1990s, his successors taking “The Standard” out of his purely industrial context. Floor lamp, reading light, wall lamp, quite adorned with glittering colors, and “The Standard” became “Loft”.


Jielde Nowadays:

The Jielde lamps are recognized as being icons of the French Industrial Art. You can find them with 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 and even 6 arms!

They are still made in Lyon (France) with the same gestures of former days; and all the components are manufactured in France as well, this is a real “Made In France”. Each one has a different number to remain unique. You can recognize them as they are all wearing a riveted firm plate.

The 6 models which are still produce are:

  • Jielde Loft Lamp

We are talking about the old “Standard” which was renamed the Jieldé Loft. The Loft has articulated arms with combination of different length (40 cm, 60 cm or 120 cm). The arms can be straight or with curves. You can choose a twin floor model or a twin ceiling light for example in your kitchen or office.


  • Jielde Signal Lamp

The Jielde Signal model has slimmer arms and shorter length (30 cm, 35 cm and 80 cm) and a small 40 Watt screw socket. Like the “Loft” its arms can have curves or not. It is a more refine version of the Loft and can be perfect on a desk or as a wall lamp on your bed.


  • Jielde Lak Lamp

The Jielde Lak is very easy to recognize as its globe has an “olmost” flat shape as well as its joints. It gives an instant Industrial look to any room. Its arms length have different sizes: 40 cm and 120 cm.


  • Jielde Augustin Lights

The Jieldé Augustin ceiling light was also designed by Jean-Louis Domecq to meet his own needs. It was designed to be very robust, and aesthetic, to fit perfectly in any workshop as ceiling light. Amazing Industrial feeling!




  • Jielde Beaumont Lights

The Jielde Beaumont suspensions have a different design from the Augustin, they are flatter and only in 2 different sizes (30 cm and 45 cm). They do have a strong Industrial Look.


  • Jielde Clement Lights

The Jielde Clement light looks like a big bell (of 24 cm and 36 cm diameter). It looks amazing when different colors and sizes are put together.


All those new Jielde lamps can be found in many different colors. You can buy them brand new and you will always have a unique piece, but you can also hunt them for antiques, their beautiful patina will add so much Vintage and Industrial Character to any interior.


If you have decided to hunt for Vintage ones, this how to date them:

-      From 1950 until 1970 the metal sign is riveted to the wing (using different colors: black, blue and green) the craftsmen were taking in the stock whatever color it was.

-      In the 80s and 90s a black and silver sticker substitutes itself to the original one.

-      From the 1st of march 2008, it is a black and white metal sign which is also riveted.


Jielde Decorating Ideas:

The Jielde in your kitchen


The Jielde in your bathroom (as they are waterproof!)


A 5 Arms Jielde lamp in your office


The Jielde in your conservatory or living room (clamp)


A Jielde lamp 2 arms in your bedroom


More Information about those amazing Jielde lamps:

 For more inspiring ideas of Jielde lamp, please, have a look at my Pinterest board: Industrial Lighting | Jielde  , you will get full of ideas to steal!

]]> 1 La Boutique Vintage is now open! Sun, 29 Jun 2014 17:05:37 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> logo illustrator6

 We are very happy to informed you that La Boutique Vintage has open its new website.

We have a selection of authentics Vintage Furniture: French club chair, school chairs, cinema seats and industrial furniture: Tolix, Roneo, Strafor, Jielde…

Visit our shop today: La Boutique Vintage

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Vintage Christmas Cards Wed, 18 Dec 2013 13:01:39 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> Vintage Christmas Cards

Nowadays, the new media is helping us contacting our family and friends to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year within seconds. But how impersonal is that! Sending a text to 50 people at the same time!

If you’re just like me a postcards lover, you’re always happy to receive something by the mail. Would you have the idea to print your email or text and hung it in your kitchen?

The Festive Season bring us once in a year, into the mood of making the others very happy, to wish them all the very best for the next new year and to remind them how much we love them. For me, the best way to do it, is definitely to write a few words on a beautiful postcard and give it or send it to our beloved ones.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and hope you will enjoy those stunning postcards that remind us some happy childhood moments.

Largeur = 549px Hauteur = 343px68 Kovintage-christmas-cards-la-boutique-vintage

Largeur = 1px Hauteur = 1px43 octets

Largeur = 386px Hauteur = 600px38 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 400px Hauteur = 260px36 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 480px Hauteur = 297px56 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 400px Hauteur = 400px38 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 414px Hauteur = 500px161 Ko Largeur = 350px Hauteur = 453px32 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 320px Hauteur = 210px33 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 562px Hauteur = 382px124 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 517px Hauteur = 325px62 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 440px Hauteur = 440px80 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 400px Hauteur = 252px46 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 236px Hauteur = 331px37 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 203px Hauteur = 300px26 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 520px Hauteur = 330px37 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 472px Hauteur = 299px47 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 297px Hauteur = 472px64 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 512px Hauteur = 512px92 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 512px Hauteur = 512px56 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 600px83 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 512px Hauteur = 512px89 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 512px Hauteur = 512px60 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 340px Hauteur = 340px33 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 540px Hauteur = 358px129 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 747px Hauteur = 450px137 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 398px Hauteur = 600px84 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 500px Hauteur = 305px35 Kovintage-christmas-cards

Largeur = 354px Hauteur = 584px79 Kovintage-christmas-cards

Largeur = 547px Hauteur = 356px26 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 266px Hauteur = 400px27 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 500px Hauteur = 348px45 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 325px Hauteur = 325px34 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 517px Hauteur = 325px62 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 375px87 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 469px Hauteur = 600px107 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 416px Hauteur = 579px130 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 409px Hauteur = 600px66 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 492px116 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 381px90 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 450px139 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 387px Hauteur = 600px114 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 386px Hauteur = 600px104 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 374px90 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 385px Hauteur = 600px119 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 385px Hauteur = 600px117 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 379px102 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 385px99 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 450px110 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 379px89 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 398px Hauteur = 600px103 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 700px Hauteur = 455px132 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 382px Hauteur = 600px93 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 376px Hauteur = 600px101 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 455px104 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 450px154 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 450px107 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 381px Hauteur = 600px107 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 491px125 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 481px Hauteur = 600px143 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 367px91 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 469px Hauteur = 600px104 Kovintage-christmas-cards Largeur = 600px Hauteur = 393px79 Kovintage-christmas-cards

Don’t hesitate to tell me which one do you prefer and leave a comment.

Do you want to have some more Vintage Christmas, have a look at my Pinterest board here!

Lovely Merry Christmas and Fantastic Happy New Year 2014!

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Vintage Christmas: the 15 best Christmas Markets in Europe Mon, 16 Dec 2013 16:38:13 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> The Christmas Market is a place where you can find everything in connection with Christmas. Most of time it is brand new handmade items or you can also find some vintage ones.

The first tracks of Christmas markets go back to the XIVth century in Germany, under the name of « Saint Nicholas’ Market». The first document telling a Christmas market is dated from 1434 under Frédéric II de Saxe’s reign, evoking one « Striezelmarkt » (protestant reform), which took place at Dresde the Monday before Christmas. Later, the reformation immortalized the tradition by renaming it “Christkindlmarkt” (the Child Christ’ market) to fight against cult of the saints. The Christmas market of Strasbourg dates from 1570, and the one of Nuremberg from1628.


An important revival, considered as commercial, took place in the middle of 1990s. Numerous cities in Europe established their own Christmas market with chalets and sometimes attractions (short-lived ice rink, big wheel).


Treat the children to a genuine fairy-tale experience in one of Europe’s best-kept Christmas secrets. The unique old-world atmosphere of those Christmas Markets is perfect for the festive season. You always have special events such as concerts, storytelling, sometimes some giant letterbox to send your wish list to the North Pole, some ice-skating rink and spectacular light shows.

In every place, you have the local produce, arts and crafts, decorations and traditional wares.

They are all really amazing and are great to take you in the festive mood.

Stop and have a hot wine with cinnamon find some really unique Christmas presents and beautiful decorations. The Christmas spirit is infectious! Prepare your carol singing and off you go!

Here are the 15 best Christmas Markets in europe:



vintage christmas markets amsterdam netherlands

Colmar – Alsace – FRANCE



Cologne – GERMANY

vintage-christmas-markets-cologne-germany vintage-christmas-markets-cologne-germany

Copenhagen – DENMARK


vintage-christmas-markets-Copenhagen-denmark vintage-christmas-markets-Copenhagen-denmark

Franckfurt – GERMANY

vintage-christmas-markets-franckfurt-germany vintage-christmas-markets-franckfurt-germany

Krakow – POLAND

vintage-christmas-markets-krakow-poland vintage-christmas-markets-krakow-poland

La Defense – Paris – FRANCE

vintage-christmas-markets-La-Défense-Paris-france vintage-christmas-markets-La-Défense-Paris-france vintage-christmas-markets-La-Défense-Paris-france

Manchester – ENGLAND



Munich – GERMANY

vintage-christmas-markets-munich-germany vintage-christmas-markets-munich-germany

Nuremberg – GERMANY

vintage-christmas-markets-nuremberg-germany vintage-christmas-markets-nuremberg-germany


vintage-christmas-markets-prague-czech-republic vintage-christmas-markets-prague-czech-republic

Salzburg – AUSTRIA

vintage-christmas-markets-salzburg-austria vintage-christmas-markets-salzburg-austria

Strasbourg – FRANCE



Stuttgart – GERMANY

vintage-christmas-markets-stuttgart-germany vintage-christmas-markets-stuttgart-germany vintage-christmas-markets-stuttgart-germany

Vienna – AUSTRIA



Tell me which one did you go and why did you like it or didn’t like it! Leave a comment.

And if you know a better Christmas Market or you have a review to make to one of those, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks.

Next time, I will offer you lots of fantastic Vintage Christmas Cards!



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Vintage Christmas Nativity Scene and French Santons Wed, 11 Dec 2013 13:29:50 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> Why do we have a Nativity Scene?

According to the Gospel, based on the account of Saint Luc, Jesus was born in a cowshed, more exactly in a manger.  It exists two older representations of the Gospel which are known, date of the 4th century. The first one consists of a mural painting with a death chamber of a Christian family lived, around 380, which was discovered in the Saint Sebastian catacombs, in Rome. The other representation makes reference to a scene painted on a sarcophagus of the Saint Maximin basilica, representing the worship of the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men.


From the 4th Century, the Christmas Celebration is celebrated: In the Holy church Mary of the Incarnation of Jesus, today “Sainte Marie Majeure” in Rome. We know that a celebration of Christmas is commemorated during the night of December 25th since the 4th century. Indeed, the date of December 25th was fixed as date of divine child’s birth in the 4th century. The debates, which brought this decision, allowed developing a religious practice around this event. From the 4th Century, the former papers report that the celebration of the Christmas Eve took place in Sainte Marie of Rome around the nativity scene.


It is thus at that time that we can return the existence of a first Nativity Scene such as we know them with the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the donkey and the ox, made by statues nowadays.


For the vintage lovers, we can find some old Nativity Scenes and statues from the 60’s – 80’s, most of time it’s really hard to date them as they don’t have anymore boxes and nothing written on them. Anyway, it doesn’t matter as far as they remind us our childhood!


vintage-christmas-nativity-scene vintage-christmas-nativity-scene vintage-christmas-nativity-scene

Do you know those beautiful Santons?

vintage-christmas-nativity-scene-joseph vintage-christmas-nativity-scene-vierge-marie

The name comes from “Little Saint”. They are small pieces (from 2,5 cm to 15 cm and nowadays 26 cm!); hand painted nativity scene figurines made with terracotta (clay).

They are produced in the Provence region of South-eastern France. In a traditional Provencal Nativity Scene, you can find 55 individual figurines representing various characters from Provencal village such as the scissors grinder, the fishwife, the blind man and the chestnut seller. The first clay Santons were created by Marseille’s craftsman Jean-Louis Lagnel (1764-1822), during the French Revolution, when churches were forcibly closed and their large nativity scenes prohibited. Lagnel crafted small figurines in plaster moulds and let them dry before firing them.

A maker of Santons is a Santonnier, and the creation of Santons today is essentially a family craft, handed down from parents to children.










Santons are moulded in two halves, pressed together and fused. Hats, baskets and other accessories are applied with an adhesive. When the figure is completely dry, it is given a gelatine bath in order to harden the figure and to provide a surface for the application of pigments. Faces are painted first, then the hair, clothing and accessories are last. Until the end of the 19th century, Santons were air-dried rather than fired in a kiln. As a consequence, such figures were fragile and easily broken.




They are two types of Santons: the clay figurines (Santons d’Argile) and the doll-like (Santons Habilles) clothed ornaments.vintage-christmas-nativity-scene-virgin-mary












Since 1803, Santonniers have gathered in Marseille each December to display and sell their wares at the Santonniers Fair.

You can admire a great collection of Santons from the 18th and 19th century at the Santons Museum in Marseille.

You can find those stunning Nativity Scenes figurines in south of France and also online.

The most famous craftsman Santonnier family is Carbonel. You can create a hole village with those figurines and lots of other accessorizes like mill, bridge, stable and many more, it’s just fantastic! Have a look at those pictures to get any ideas of what you can do.

vintage-christmas-nativity-scene-village vintage-christmas-nativity-scene-village



You can’t really find vintage ones, because most of time, when people buy them, they will keep them a lifetime (price are quite expensive as they are handmade in France) and probably their children will inherit from them.

Have a lovely Christmas Eve, and have fun decorating your Nativity Scene!

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Vintage Christmas Outdoor Decoration Fri, 06 Dec 2013 12:39:06 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> Creating a beautiful first impression. Wow your guests with some Vintage Christmas porch decorations. Glam up your front door with some Vintage ice-skating and lantern decoration. Vintage wooden sledge, wooden skis or snowshoes will ensure that your front door stands out from your neighbours. You can add some Christmas tree branches and cone pines, some lovely red or natural ribbon, all will cheer up your porch or garden.

My favorite Christmas outdoor decoration is the mail box!


vintage-chirstmas-decoration-mailbox vintage-chirstmas-decoration-mailbox


But sport items, as ice skating are really awesome too!


vintage-christmas-decoration-ice-skating vintage-christmas-decoration-ice-skating vintage-christmas-decoration-ice-skating

If you have an old milk churn farm or some vintage galvanized items such as a bucket, a watering can or wooden crates, you can fill them with pinecones, Christmas tree branches or some pieces of wood. And for more magic when evening comes, add some Vintage Christmas lights on them.


These cheerful decorations will ensure that visitors will be flung into the festive spirit as soon as they arrive at your door.

And to have a Winter Wonderland Vintage garden, try to find some old wooden wheelbarrow or wooden trailer and fill them with Christmas tree branches and red berries or even a real Christmas tree.

vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-1 vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-1 vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-1 vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-1

You can find many more ideas with old sledges, bikes, watering cans, benches and milk bottles holder, so many possibilities to welcome your guests as soon as they arrive.

vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-1 vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-1

The wreath is a classic addition to any door. Let’s find one that suits you! Have a look at those examples, use them as inspiration and add your favorite festive elements.





vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-wreath vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-wreath vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-wreath vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-wreath vintage-christmas-outdoor-decoration-wreath


Some of the best Outdoor Decoration I could find online:







Have a look at this fantastic collection of Christmas Cards or discover the 15 Best Christmas Markets in Europe.

Have a Merry Christmas full of Joy and Happiness!

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Vintage Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Mon, 02 Dec 2013 14:18:10 +0000 helene Continue reading ]]> The Christmas season is really on. Now that we have the Christmas Tree and the table decoration, let’s give our presents some Vintage feelings.

We all love presents and for me, it is really important to offer something that look nice, whatever is inside, the gift itself has to be beautiful, what a great pleasure when your family and friends will say wouahhh this gift is stunning! It is so great to make people happy, so this is the time to make some effort and be creative again!

I love this old Vintage tin used as a gift box, with just a lovely ribbon and baubles, so simple, just beautiful!


If you know very well the person, maybe you can more personalized the present you’re going to offer her. Let’s take an example with someone who loves the mountains, why not trying to find a Vintage postcard or picture about mountains and just add it on the top of your present. What a fantastic unusual gift! You have a Comics lover, buy on ebay a Vintage Comics, copy it and wrap his present with it!

Here are some few examples you can make:



You can see that you can use everything you want to personalized your present, from an old peg to an old brooch, with old buttons, old rope, ribbons, fake flowers, or dry flowers, even old toys figurines…

You can also use some Vintage comics, magazines or newspapers to do the perfect Vintage look. You have old fabrics in a cupboard, you don’t know what to do with them, take them out and make some bags to fill them, add a tag and you have your present!

If like me you love those very old keys but you can’t find how to use them, wrap your gift and add one on each, they will look fantastic! If you want to know other way to use them, come back later, I will have a post about it!

If you love the shabby chic style here are some examples to do your presents for the perfect Vintage Shabby Chic look:

vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best

Here are the 20 best Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper I could find:

vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best















vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best vintage-christmas-wrapping-idea-best


And if you want some more examples, have a look at my Pinterest Christmas board, you will find more than 700 pins about a Magical Vintage Christmas!

Come back soon for the Vintage outdoor and porch decorations!

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