How to choose and decorate your Vintage Christmas Tree?

I would like to give you a few tips to decorate your Vintage Christmas Tree:

-       The star on the top which reminds for the Christians The star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Kings towards the place of birth of the child Jesus, that we celebrate the 25th of December, the star is sometimes replace by a point or an angel tree topper… The tradition says that it’s the youngest child of the family who install the star on the top of the tree (last thing to put to your tree).

-        The garlands: simple or with lights, white or colorful, you have to put them first on your Christmas tree. You can also find variable material such as ribbons, garland of pearls or diverse objects.

-       The baubles: sparkling with different colors, some clear of glass, of plastic, all baubles make a wonderful look to your Christmas, and why not trying to find those Vintage ones so beautiful.


vintage decoration christmas tree

-       All hanging decoration with Christmas theme: Cherubs, Santa Claus, and miniature of wooden objects, multicolored serpentines and lit candles. And if you would like a candy theme, add some candy canes, sweets and everything about the candy theme, let’s be creative!

-       Ice cubes: glass, plastic, just to feign the ice presents on the tree during the winter.

-       The Christmas tree stand: it can be the one you buy in any shop, or it can be a wooden log, or some vintage buckets with sand, stones, mud or pebbles in it. You can also find on ebay some great Vintage ones!

Have a look at this great video:

Now you have to choose your Christmas Tree! How to choose it?

You have the choice between the natural ones and the artificial ones.

Of course, the natural ones are more ecologic than the artificial, which come from China. I’m going to talk about the natural ones.

The Spruce

It is the most traditional Christmas tree. Its good smell of resin characterizes it as well as its fine needles. Strong and full, balanced well from the base to the top, it lends itself to all decorating ideas. Thanks to its fast growing, it takes 8 years to reach the size of 2 meters; the Spruce takes advantage of an excellent value for money.

vintage decoration christmas tree

The fir tree Nordmann

It became, since a few years, the favourite for lot of people, taking advantage of a good preservation in the housing environment. Its needles are flexible and soft and its branches are regular. Because it grows slowly (10 in 12 years are necessary for him to reach 2 meters), its silhouette stages with harmony.

vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree

The fir tree Noble

It distinguishes itself by its bluish and soft needles. Nice-smelling, it spreads an afforested perfume in the house. Once cut, it keeps its needles for a long time.

vintage decoration christmas tree

There are lots of other different varieties like the Fraser etc… If you want to know all about them, have a look at this site which is really great: UK Christmas Tree Varieties / Types

If you want to have some examples, here are the 15 best Vintage Christmas Tree I could find:

vintage decoration christmas tree


vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree

vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree vintage-christmas-tree-8 vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree vintage decoration christmas tree

You would like more Vintage Christmas Ideas? Have a look at my Pinterest Vintage Christmas here, you will find more than 600 Vintage Christmas ideas!

Then you will have to find some Christmas lights, come back in a few days to get the information!


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